Thursday, May 28, 2009

Second thoughts about my interview

firstly, i never thought i was able to make my uncle talk about his life and the way he thinks about living in The United States. when i was trying to start i did not have any idea how to start. i had a lot of questions but i was always think that the questions are too personal. or if i ask him something and he does not understand he will feel out the box. because the main idea was make him feel part of the conversation. the interview took place in his house in a big and comfortable living room with expensive furniture we had a big plasma TV in from of us. i was thinking how much did he spend in all these stuff. one funny part that make me laugh was at the end when i asked him Do you believe in the American Dream? he just looks round and kind of laughing says yeah!!! just look around men,,,, all these is as a result of years and years of dedication and hard work...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Emotional Labor

i just want to comment and relate this article to my personal experience in my job
some companies treat to employees like robots that are program to do one thing and not to do other things..
for example .. i work in retailer store and all the time we as managers have to be nice with the customers and in some way feel sorry for the customer that was unable to exchange their clothes on time Now my jobs is to explain the whole store policy and stick to it although i dint agree with the policy follow what it says in the receipt. now the other funny part about this is and i think is kind of crazy is the customer is allow to call customer service and report the manager on duty and depends on the seriousness of the problem the manager can get written warning or it can be reflect on the bonus or we can get a lower grade IN customer service every time we have evaluation. now my big question is ,,, Why I as Employee have to be blame for the store policy? because Number one i am not the owner of the company and Number Two don't make the rules i just follow them up as it is state in the receipt... but whatever the majority of this customers are tourists and i think they don't care about who is the owner and who is just in charge in the store for them we are the same....

Thursday, May 14, 2009

1) What *kind* of source are you looking at? Who is its audience?
Im looling for any sources that are link to emotional labor job
problems that workers have to face every time they have when they go to work
most of the times these employees spend the majority of their time working with the public.

2) Briefly summarize the source (you should be able to do this without reading the whole thing, at least for the first two).
the source that i think is appropriate for this topic has a lot to do with the feeling of the employee
3) What database do you think this writer used to find this? Why?
i think the second source has clear statements about emotional labor

4) Do you think it will be a useful source for this writer? Why or why not?
yes.. it has first hand examples stated by current employees from Verizon

Friday, May 8, 2009

Global Warming Video

hey guys i don't know if guys want to comment about the GLOBAL WARMING but i personally think this is a really interesting topic.
OK let me start..
if we want the future generations to enjoy the planet as we are enjoying right now . although the economy will kill us first. i think we should change our routine lives and start by ..
RECYCLING!!! plastic and regular garbage on different bags
did you know plastics can take years and years to discompose
2 LIGHT BULBS: Switch to compact fluorescent light bulbs and unplug any electronics you will end up paying lees monthly
3 try to drive less and use the public transportation more often
4, we can save a of of water by Turning off the tap when brushing your teeth

5 i learned this online,,, Recycling one aluminum can saves enough energy to run a television or operate a computer for three hours.
these are simple things that we can do and strongly believe these can help the environment and save our planet but we have to act RIGHT NOW ,, if you guys know more tips feel free to add to my blog
\... here is a video that i found online

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Interview Project ( small Grocery Store Vender

oh my God !!
this is really hard now that im having a full picture of the reseacher topic
i have no idea who im going to interview, my past supervisors are always busy , i was just thinking about interviewing my friend who has small groceries stores around the city.
the main idea will be and the KEY TERM will be having a grocery store give him the opportunity to live a affordable life for him and his family and what are the advantage and disadvantage working as vender in a grocery store>>???
here are some of the questions that I'm thinking i will be asking..

  1. What do you think is a fear salary for a small store attender?

  1. How did you end up working in this place

  1. How does the title make you feel?

2. Do you feel appreciate w/ your customers

w/ your co-workers
w/ family

3. What do you think about other stores around your store?

4. would you sell out your small stores and build a supermarket???

5. Do you think you have competition around you?

6. what kind of products are most wanted by your customers??

7. Do you treat men and women different when they visit your store??

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Free Market in South America

well.. after i watched the movie Mardi Gras MAde in China showed me issues that i already know about it but the same low wage problems are happing in South American

the countries from the First Wold take their companies to Ecuador Chile,Brazil, all thee small countries and treat the employees as slaves, General Motors For example has a Factory in Ecuador, now people that wants to apply for a for a job there have to be finished with high school and have college knowledge, and all these process takes to nowhere ending with 12-14 hours of work period and the salary in the same as regular employee hired from local factories, now the main problem in that General Motors is that they don't have regulations to protect the employee from all the chemist they use and the contamination in the air has no control what so ever.

my Father` friend used to work in General Motors for years and years and when he was ready to retired he found out the he had lung cancer because the company did not provide mask to protect his face. and when he when to ask for help to the company the coordinator told him that he was to be currently working in the company to receive full cover from the health insurance. now after spending his entire life in General motors he has to pay the half of price of all the medicine from a miserable retirement salary he gets from the government. thanks to his sons that work in the United States he is able to survive in Ecuador.. so REA LY SAD that the president don't force to create strong regulations to international companies that go to poor countries,,, it really makes me mad!!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

well, this is more that a poem. this situation always happens to people that are appling fo a job.I'm a manager of a retail store and i have this cases every time i have interviews.Sometimes i know that i have interviews and im really short staff but i have phone calls from Operation Dept some crazy customer rejecting to leave the store because the store policy or something unexpected just happened takes me away of the main project for the day which is hire new employees. however these people that showed up on time and had to wait until i finish my prioraties done. they usually wait. and not just they wait also they pretend to be friendly although they want to kill me to made them wait so long.