Thursday, May 28, 2009

Second thoughts about my interview

firstly, i never thought i was able to make my uncle talk about his life and the way he thinks about living in The United States. when i was trying to start i did not have any idea how to start. i had a lot of questions but i was always think that the questions are too personal. or if i ask him something and he does not understand he will feel out the box. because the main idea was make him feel part of the conversation. the interview took place in his house in a big and comfortable living room with expensive furniture we had a big plasma TV in from of us. i was thinking how much did he spend in all these stuff. one funny part that make me laugh was at the end when i asked him Do you believe in the American Dream? he just looks round and kind of laughing says yeah!!! just look around men,,,, all these is as a result of years and years of dedication and hard work...

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  1. Great observations - it sounds like succeeded in getting him to open up.